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Oscar Meatballs

"Our 10 month old poodle loves meatballs. I rotate with the tripe buns and sales are guaranteed!"


Oscar Chicken-salmon meal for dogs

"I always smell what the dog food smells like first, whether it smells like feed or better. This smelled really good! The dogs really liked it, even the youngest one who is very picky. We ordered a few bags, the protein and fat percentage is such that maybe even the young one will get meat on his bones. 😀"


Oscar Cold Dried Meatballs

"The perfect treat to recruit a dog, when you chop it down a bit, it smells just right for a picky dog like me and now it's demanding these treats, a toy is of little interest next to it."

Meri Vaskelainen


  • Jouluisia reseptejä lemmikin jouluherkutteluun

    Jouluisia reseptejä lemmikin jouluherkutteluun

    Joulu on houkutuksien aikaa ja perinteisissä jouluherkuissamme piileekin monta vaaraa lemmikeillemme. Monet joulunherkkumme ovatkin vaarallisia, jopa myrkyllisiä kissoille ja koirille.Joulun perinteisistä herkuista mm. suklaa, rusinat ja viinirypäleet ovat lemmikeille myrkyllisiä. Kinkku, joka olisi koiralle suurinta herkkua, on kuitenkin turhan rasvaista...

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  • Kotimaisilla Oscar-kuivaruoilla hyvinvointia koirille

    Domestic Oscar dry food for dogs wellbeing

    Every pet owner wants their pet to be well, but many people don't think about the importance of nutrition for the wellbeing of the animal. Pet's new domestic Oscar dog dry food is a species-typical meaty food in a dried form.

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