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Raw feeding for cats

Raw meat is a natural food for cats – they are carnivores from their teeth to their gut. The animal fats and amino acids in raw food are beneficial for a feline’s fur, growth, and general metabolism: they neutralise waste products, reduce the kidneys’ workload, and help absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Natural raw food contains no preservatives or colouring nor any grains or vegetables, which are unnecessary for cats to eat.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
Bones and Raw Food
BARF is based on the idea that pets should eat the natural foods their species typically eats. For cats, the cornerstone of their species’ diet is raw meat.
A cat’s BARF diet consists of various meats, organs, fish, and eggs served raw. Natural supplements such as seaweed meal or salmon oil , as well as various vitamin and mineral supplements, can be used in self-made raw food. Cats on a BARF diet cannot gain weight from unnecessary carbohydrates. In addition to proteins, cats need fatty acids, easily sourced from salmon meat and oil. We make our frozen raw foods in Finland, and they are clean, pure, and safe to feed to your cat.

Raw feeding on ready-made meals

The Oscar complete nutrition meatballs for cats are as easy as raw feeding gets. Totally grain-free and containing all daily nutrients, the meatballs offer complete nutrition for adult cats that you can portion yourself. Clean and safe Finnish meat and fish serve as the main ingredients of the versatile and nutritious meatballs. In addition, the meatballs include taurine (essential for cats), cranberries (for urinary health), and plant fibre (helps avoid hairballs).

Cats are natural carnivores, meat eaters who need high-quality animal protein to live. Their sharp teeth have evolved to cut and tear flesh.