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Corporate responsibility

As a pet food industry operator, responsibility plays an important role in the values and operating methods of our business. Feed production comes with major environmental and social impacts. Product liability, part of the manufacturing and sale of products, includes responsibility for nutritional properties, product safety, and accurate product information and marketing statements, for example.

In Finland, the production of pet food is regulated by the Feed Act, and we are a registered feed producer supervised by the Finnish Food Authority. Our company uses an officially approved own-check system, HACCP product safety plan, and an FSSC 22000 certified product safety system. In particular, this certification of our product safety system is proof that our company uses superior quality and safety requirements above and beyond the statutory minimum.

From the start, the mission statement of Eläinruokatehdas Lemmikki Oy has been to produce safe and high-quality domestic food for pets and wild birds that meets all their nutritional needs. In addition to being fully domestic, our products boast high quality, perfect purity, and excellent taste. For us, responsibility means producing food that is natural for each species and supports their health and happiness. In addition to happy and healthy pets, it is important for us to make products that pet owners can trust and use safely. Considering the nutritional quality and health effects of products at the design stage shows that our company takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to nutritious food. We choose our ingredients according to origin, production conditions, and responsibility and sustainability certification.

The health of all pets and even bird populations is affected by the quality of the products that are made available for purchase.

  • We want to help small birds survive harsh Nordic winters by offering them nourishing, tasty, and easily digested food. We have also developed net-free bird food products to help birds feed more safely. Our bird food products are heat-treated and contain no seed coats, which helps keep feeding sites hygienic and tidy, reducing the risk of disease.
  • We want to produce food for cats and dogs that is part of the natural diet of their species. We avoid unnecessary ingredients like grains and added sugars because they are irrelevant and even unhealthy for cats and dogs. We make raw food products for cats and dogs that are natural, delicious, and nutritious.
  • We want to make our products from Finnish ingredients and support both industrial and agricultural employment in Finland.


We mainly use domestic ingredients and food industry by-products. Our leading principles are using Finnish ingredients and choosing our ingredients according to each species’ natural diet and maximum compatibility with the allergies and sensitivities of different animals.
We reject unnecessary fillers, flavourings, preservatives, and other additives to make products that are as pure and healthy as possible with the minimum of allergens, providing the best possible support for the health and happiness of all pets.

-> We support Finland’s meat industry by using food industry side streams from farms and meat cutting plants, recovering ingredients that the food industry cannot utilise.

-> Finnish meat is clean and safe to use even raw: it is free of excess antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals and has minimal microbial risk when handled correctly.

-> We only use fresh meat for the majority of our products, not meat meal. Fresh meat is more nutritious and less processed than meat meal, which is the ingredient of choice for many manufacturers instead of actual fresh meat.

-> We use Finnish vegetables, oat, and eggs in our products. This allows us to support domestic production and job creation.

-> We reduce our environmental load by using local ingredients as much as possible.


We use domestic packaging material suppliers as much as possible. This allows us to support Finnish industry and reduces our environmental load due to reduced logistical needs. We buy our cardboard, wrapping films, bags, and labels from Finnish companies. We have chosen optimal product packaging materials for long shelf life and high usability. Our packaging is designed to minimise the amount of material and avoid overpackaging. Our batches are sold in cartons that are eco-friendly, lightweight, and fully recyclable. We choose resources and materials that have the lowest life cycle impact on the environment.


It has been a matter of pride for us to produce high-quality natural pet food for over 30 years. We manufacture our products in our factory in Kuopio in Finland. We use modern technology in our production processes. Through experience, we have discovered the best recipes and practices for manufacturing pet food. We use green energy to manufacture our products, and our production processes aim for the minimum overall environmental load.