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Kotimaisilla Oscar-kuivaruoilla hyvinvointia koirille

Domestic Oscar dry food for dogs wellbeing

Every pet owner wants their pet to be well, but many people don't think about the importance of nutrition for the wellbeing of the animal. Pet's new domestic Oscar dog dry food is a species-typical meaty food in a dried form.

We developed new dry dog foods for the market with a special feature compared to other dry dog foods on the domestic market: a very high meat content and a very high production technology. As much as 82% of the Oscar meals are meat and the rest of the ingredients are vegetables. Instead of the traditional extrusion method, the dry food is produced by heat-drying, which allows the use of fresh ingredients such as fresh meat instead of flour. When cooked and dried at a gentle heat, the food retains the natural and delicious taste of the meat, which makes it perfect for even the fussiest dogs.

Natural dry food from domestic raw materials

Oscar dog meals are designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs and contain all the nutrients your dog needs daily, without added unnecessary carbohydrates. In addition to plenty of meat, the very straightforward recipe contains digestible vegetable fiber, a highly digestible egg with good quality protein, amino acids, and vitamin A from chicken liver. The new Oscar Dog Meals use only domestic meat and come in two variants; Chicken Meal for Dogs 1.2kg and Chicken Salmon Meal for Dogs 1.2kg.

Grain-free, hypoallergenic composition

Oscar meals are free of unnecessary carbohydrates and common allergens such as gluten, grains, corn, beef, soy or dairy products. Oscar whole foods are also free from added colourings and artificial flavourings, as the high meat content naturally gives the food a good taste and attractive aroma. Thanks to their simple recipe and limited ingredient content, these foods are suitable for many dogs, even those with food allergies. The package leaflet honestly tells you everything the food contains.

High protein from high meat content

Dogs are carnivores by nature. Oscar complete foods made from Finnish chicken and salmon contain as much as 82% meat, which means they are also rich in the animal protein that dogs need from meat, as well as an appropriate amount of fat. Dogs need plenty of protein for energy, to maintain the body's nitrogen balance, to maintain muscle tone and to provide essential amino acids. Protein is also needed to maintain the coat. A high quality and varied diet keeps food intake moderate and food consumption low.

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