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Nutriment Company

Since 2014, we are a part of The Nutriment Company (formerly Voff)

With strong brands loved across the continent, The Nutriment Company is Europe's leadingprovider of natural premium pet nutrition, servingconscious pet owners whatever their budget.

From raw food in all forms, complemented by natural tasty treats and chews, as well as natural supplements, each of our brands has onething in common: a total commitment to absolute quality.

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We are entrepreneurs – we value original thinking and always search for a better way, unconstrained by the way things have been done before


We operate, communicate and act with authenticity and integrity. We believe in transparency and respect for our colleagues, our customers and all pets.


We act with care, empathy and respect for everyone who works with, buys and enjoys our products. Just like our pets are parts of our families, yours are too.


We aspire to use the best quality ingredients, processes and infrastructure necessary to provide safe, delicious and dependable products for our customers and their pets.

One team

We inspire each other to achieve great things, we embrace each other for our unique contributions and we support each other as we grow.